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Hypothyroidism: An unnamed epidemic

May 3, 2007

For at least 10 years I’ve known that my metabolism was below par. I constantly fought fatigue and a fuzzy brain. My weight slowly and steadily climbed. My eyesight suddenly grew worse and I had to begin wearing glasses. I had muscle aches and insomnia, depression and a sense of dread when nothing was wrong. Three times I went to the doctor and asked to have my thyroid checked. Both my grandmothers took thyroid medicine. My mother and my sister have problems with their thyroid. I’d done some reading, and I knew I probably did, too.

But when every test came back, the doctor would shake his head and say, “You’re within normal ranges.” They’d shut their folder and say, “It can’t be your thyroid.” Things continued to grow worse. Finally, when the fourth doctor sang the same tune, I said, “I want to see a specialist.” He looked doubtful but pulled out his pad to write the order.

The endocrinologist took one look at the same test results and said, “Your thyroid is under stress.” He asked me about my symptoms and checked my reflexes. They were non-existent. He felt my neck and said, “Your thyroid is enlarged. Let’s try you on medication and see how you react. These numbers don’t tell the whole story. There are a lot of other factors involved.”

Within a week of being on a low dose of Synthroid, I began to feel a drastic change. I had energy. My head was clear. I could remember things that I knew I would have never remembered before, like the name of my husband’s elderly employer when he was 13 yrs old. My muscle aches vanished. I felt like a new person.

Thank God for my endocrinologist, a man willing to look beyond the protocols to see the person. All of this made me wonder how many other undiagnosed suffers are out there because of a numbers system that is far too wide. Normal ranges from 0.5 to 5 on the scale when even a few tenths of a point make a vast difference in how a person feels.

Today, I feel good. God bless that doctor and make him prosper.

My say for today,



More Than a Career

May 2, 2007

To me writing is more like breathing than working. During those long 14 years before I got published, I tried to quit more than once, but I’d find myself pulling that manuscript out yet again after it had lain dormant for several months. Something inside of me connected with that paper and ink. Once I got published, it was all over. Writing is something that comes from within me. As long as I can put two words together, this is who I am.I’m a Christian writer because that’s who I am, too. Saved from the wrong side of the tracks, Jesus changed my life and my future. His strength keeps me going every single day. What could be better than to share object lessons of his power and grace through stories? There’s nothing better to me. And if I can have fun while I do that, so much the better.

On the high road,

Rosey Dow

Not-so-big Victorian

May 1, 2007

The HouseLast September we bought a 3 bedroom/1.5 bath historic home (circa 1889) in a tiny berg in Delaware. Both my husband and I were enthralled with the interior architecture. It has 4 bay windows with stunning arches over them, original wood floors on the first floor, and lots of character. We bought it when the market had just begun its downturn, so we made a real deal about 25% below the original asking price. Better yet, it had a floored attic with windows and a lot of potential. With five children (ages 15-24) still at home and the rooms a little bigger than a phone booth, we needed that extra space.

So, you guessed it, we immediately began to finish out that attic. It’s about 75% finished now and two of the boys have moved into the new bedroom. The rest we use as a family room. It has been so great to have that extra square footage. But now the improvement is in a holding pattern.

  1. We can’t finish the floor until the old knob-and-tube wiring is replaced. The attic floor gives access to the second floor wall space.
  2. We can’t finish the walls containing the windows until the windows are replaced. This isn’t a big deal and we should have it done soon now that the weather is warmer.
  3. We can’t put in a permanent stairs until a chimney is removed. That pesky chimney has created a world of problems. The roofing material is asbestos and most contractors won’t touch it. There is a large antique chimney pots at the top, and we’d like to preserve it. We also have a 12/12 roof that’s too steep to stand on. So, we’re waiting on an estimate and continuing to use those pull-down hall stairs for a few weeks longer.

A thousand thanks to my dad for replacing the old wiring on the first floor, for wiring the entire attic floor, and for framing out the studs on the new rooms. If it hadn’t been for him, we would still have 4 boys crammed into an 9×12 room with a miniature closet.

The kitchen is another topic altogether and best saved for another day.

Have a great one,