Do you cook your turkey upside down?


The best cooking secret I’ve ever learned was to turn the bird breast down in the pan, so the white meat absorbs the flavorful juices. The turkey isn’t as pretty, but are you planning to eat it or look at it?

Another secret is to use a browning bag, available where the plastic wrap and tin foil are sold. With these two tips, you can’t fail to have a perfect bird every time–as long as you double the suggested cooking time in the bag instructions.

Happy Turkey Day!

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2 Comments on “Do you cook your turkey upside down?”

  1. Virginia Metzler Says:

    My husband’s brother is a former chef and he told Les to tell me to baste my turkey with mayonaise, a very thick coating. I did that this past Christmas and had THE most gorgeous turkey I’d EVER seen. AND it was wonderfully delicious and moist. It was a rich mahogny brown and almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST.
    By the way, I used the real deal in Mayo, not light or LITE but regular may.
    Blessings, Virginia in Lubbock, TX

  2. Virginia Metzler Says:

    Hey there, Rosey.
    What a delightful surprise to find my comments to you about the turkey and the Mayo. You know, THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS ARE COMING, again.

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