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Christmas Tales of a Mail Carrier

December 22, 2007

mail_jeep.jpgMy husband is a rural mail carrier. Since we’re so close to Christmas he has been helping his co-workers deliver packages when he has time. Today he had a package to deliver in a very rural area and had to get special directions to find the place. The regular carrier told him that the house was down a long lane. About halfway down the lane a large sign said, “If you’re this far, you’re too far. Turn around.” Then a couple of hundred yards later, another sign said, “This is your last chance.” If he had been driving his mail truck, he would have had more confidence but he was driving his personal vehicle with no MAIL signs on it. He eased the car up to the porch, left the package and hightailed it out of there with images of an old geezer with a shotgun coming out behind him. So much for goodwill toward men! 🙂