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Terry Whalin replay

March 31, 2008


Here’s the replay of a very informative session on book proposals. As always Terry Whalin is a fountain of information.Click here to listen or right-click to download.

He was also telling about a great e-course that is 50 emails answering more questions on this topic. Click Here to learn more about Proprosal Secrets


Broken Wrist

March 21, 2008

cast.jpgLast weekend I fell and broke my right wrist. Losing the use of my right hand has long since been one of my worst nightmares, since I developed carpal tunnel syndrome about 10 yrs ago. My leftie typing is improving but I promise I won’t be zipping off any epic novels any time soon. At least teleseminars don’t require anything but a phone and a voice. We are still going ahead with Terry Whalin and his tips about book proposals next Wed March 26. His signup site is

I do need your prayers over the next 5 weeks. With only one hand there are so many limitations that spell total frustration like doing my hair, opening any kind of bottle, putting on socks, and almost every aspect of housework. I’m so thankful for my perpetually patient husband.

Have a great Easter weekend!

March 14, 2008