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Repurposing Video

June 17, 2008

Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian has a video on his blog about repurposing the contents of a book. Go to and scroll down to the June 3 post. It’s this concept that transformed my entire viewpoint on my worth as a writer. It will yours too. Go on over and watch that now. You’ll get a free report when it’s finished.


Internet Marketing–How I got started

June 2, 2008

Last year at just this time, a friend send me a letter telling me about a
class that was coming up in a few days. It’s about using the Internet to
promote products–books, tapes, whatever–whether you are a published
author or not. I went over and signed up.

That one class really blew me away. It was about the hundreds of
opportunities open to us because of new technology and new ideas about
using the Internet for direct sales–to my readers.

Well, that class is coming up again. It’s with Internet Marketing Master
Alex Mandossian, and you can learn more about it here: He gives out a study guide and then teaches
even more than is on the guide. You’ll need extra note paper for sure.