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How to Be a Christian without Being Annoying

July 14, 2008

About the author: Raised in The Salvation Army, Bette Dowdell has been an IBM Systems Engineer, computer consultant and owner of a software company. She also taught and spoke about God to pretty much anybody who would listen. As one part of this adventure, she successfully taught serious theology to grade school kids, leading them in loud, energetic songs about God and explaining deep things of the Bible in kid-speak. Dowdell lives in the Phoenix area.


Great to be back to work

May 25, 2008

It’s great to be back after 2 months off, first because of the cast and then convincing my hand and wrist to work again. Breaking my wrist rates right up there with major surgery in my book. I guess because it was my dominant hand, it was much worse.

Because I couldn’t type, I’ve finally gotten into some audio projects… and I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5 (which I LOVE).

My desk is piled high and so is my laundry room. Sorry, I couldn’t email everyone individually.

Rosey Dow

Returns are in

February 21, 2008


Thanks to some returns, Colorado Christmas is again available. If you wanted a copy and couldn’t get one before, go to my website and you can order it from there. As far as I know, I’m the only one offering it at this point because it’s a Christmas title.

Sold out titles

February 18, 2008


It’s a little disheartening to learn that popular titles are now out of print…sold out…finished. That’s what I’ve heard about 2 of my titles in the past month. Both Colorado and Colorado Christmas are gone. If you want a copy, I’ve got a precious few of the Colorado copies left and no Colorado Christmas at all. Check Amazon’s used book link and ebay. Sometimes you can find out of print books there. Colorado sold 200,000 copies and the Christmas book was only on the market for about 12 weeks and sold out at 53,000 copies.

Betrayed and Face Value are also out of print, but I have several copies of Betrayed left.

Sorry to get sentimental but it’s so hard to put out of stock on the web site.

Lyme Disease

July 31, 2007

Five weeks ago I started flu-like symptoms that progressed into throbbing joint pain, chest pain and shooting pains through my muscles. My limbs felt like they carried weights and my memory was fuzzy. When the flu-like symptoms subsided and I was still exhausted after a week, I went to the doctor and asked about Lyme Disease. Delaware has an epidemic of it this year. We’ve had at least 6 cases in our little church of 25. Now, after 15 days on a strong antibiotic, I’m finally feeling better. Another week on the medicine and I should be good to go. If you’ve been exhausted for no apparent reason with similar symptoms, get medical attention. Lime can turn into fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other chronic conditions if left untreated. Check out this site

Good-bye April

April 30, 2007

It’s the 30th of April and it feels weird beginning a new project on the last day of the month. At the moment I’m between book contracts, enjoying the free moments to read gardening books, take a few naps (very few), and reconnect with my family. I’ve got a book proposal circulating, but it’ll probably be a few more weeks before I hear anything back from that. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the slower pace and looking at some of the remodeling projects that have been simmering on the back burner.