Broken Wrist

Posted March 21, 2008 by LanaMcAra
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cast.jpgLast weekend I fell and broke my right wrist. Losing the use of my right hand has long since been one of my worst nightmares, since I developed carpal tunnel syndrome about 10 yrs ago. My leftie typing is improving but I promise I won’t be zipping off any epic novels any time soon. At least teleseminars don’t require anything but a phone and a voice. We are still going ahead with Terry Whalin and his tips about book proposals next Wed March 26. His signup site is

I do need your prayers over the next 5 weeks. With only one hand there are so many limitations that spell total frustration like doing my hair, opening any kind of bottle, putting on socks, and almost every aspect of housework. I’m so thankful for my perpetually patient husband.

Have a great Easter weekend!


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Returns are in

Posted February 21, 2008 by LanaMcAra
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Thanks to some returns, Colorado Christmas is again available. If you wanted a copy and couldn’t get one before, go to my website and you can order it from there. As far as I know, I’m the only one offering it at this point because it’s a Christmas title.

Sold out titles

Posted February 18, 2008 by LanaMcAra
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It’s a little disheartening to learn that popular titles are now out of print…sold out…finished. That’s what I’ve heard about 2 of my titles in the past month. Both Colorado and Colorado Christmas are gone. If you want a copy, I’ve got a precious few of the Colorado copies left and no Colorado Christmas at all. Check Amazon’s used book link and ebay. Sometimes you can find out of print books there. Colorado sold 200,000 copies and the Christmas book was only on the market for about 12 weeks and sold out at 53,000 copies.

Betrayed and Face Value are also out of print, but I have several copies of Betrayed left.

Sorry to get sentimental but it’s so hard to put out of stock on the web site.

Christmas Tales of a Mail Carrier

Posted December 22, 2007 by LanaMcAra
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mail_jeep.jpgMy husband is a rural mail carrier. Since we’re so close to Christmas he has been helping his co-workers deliver packages when he has time. Today he had a package to deliver in a very rural area and had to get special directions to find the place. The regular carrier told him that the house was down a long lane. About halfway down the lane a large sign said, “If you’re this far, you’re too far. Turn around.” Then a couple of hundred yards later, another sign said, “This is your last chance.” If he had been driving his mail truck, he would have had more confidence but he was driving his personal vehicle with no MAIL signs on it. He eased the car up to the porch, left the package and hightailed it out of there with images of an old geezer with a shotgun coming out behind him. So much for goodwill toward men! 🙂

Wal-Mart/Sam’s/Bookstore sightings

Posted November 24, 2007 by LanaMcAra
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So far, Colorado Christmas has been spotted in:



Holly Springs, North Carolina

Oxford, Maine

Taylors, South Carolina

Hurst, Texas

Camden, Delaware (Yay!)


Sam’s Club



Spartanburg, South Carolina

Melbourne, Florida

Hurst, Texas

Farmington, New Mexico

Columbia, South Carolina


Christian Bookstores



Taylors, South Carolina

Dover, Delaware

Irmo, South Carolina


Any others?

Do you cook your turkey upside down?

Posted November 20, 2007 by LanaMcAra
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The best cooking secret I’ve ever learned was to turn the bird breast down in the pan, so the white meat absorbs the flavorful juices. The turkey isn’t as pretty, but are you planning to eat it or look at it?

Another secret is to use a browning bag, available where the plastic wrap and tin foil are sold. With these two tips, you can’t fail to have a perfect bird every time–as long as you double the suggested cooking time in the bag instructions.

Happy Turkey Day!