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Scopes Trial 83rd Anniversary

July 21, 2008

July 21 is a historic day in America’s history, the beginning of the Scopes evolution trial that brought evolution theory to the forefront of our county’s education system, despite the fact that Scopes was convicted and fined. He lost but evolutionary thinking was the winner of the day.

Consider these facts:

1. John Scopes never taught evolution in a classroom.

2. Scopes didn’t know enough about evolution theory to be able to testify on the stand.

3. Clarence Darrow was not the ACLU’s first choice for defense attorney.

4. Creationist Williams Jennings Bryan was well versed in the theory of evolution and belonged to a major scientific organization.

5. Scopes coached three students to testify against him.

In honor of this anniversary, I’m making my historical mystery Reaping the Whirlwind available for free download as a ebook at this link. This is the book that won the Christy Award.

Have a great day!

Rosey Dow