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Book Galleys–the good and bad

June 14, 2007

col_christmasjpg.jpgOn Monday I received the galleys for my next release COLORADO CHRISTMAS. Galleys are exciting things. It’s the first time the author sees the book in typeset format. The pages look just like they’ll look in the finished book. The excitement lasts about 15 minutes, 30 minutes if you’re a newbie to book publishing.

After that first rush, the workload sets in. The story must be proofed yet again. The dedications examined at length, and the author bio scrutinized. The teaser inside the front cover must be disected to be sure it accurately portrays what’s in the story. This time my hero was described as a bellboy when he was really a waiter. Oops. That would have been a (no so) good one.

After three long days, it’s finished! It goes back to the publisher and then to the presses.

Now, getting those first finished copies, that’s exciting!

Staying busy and loving it,